Reuse Tips

Sometimes changing old habits is as simple as thinking differently about what you have been doing. This short list of reuse tips will get your started doing just that. Before you discard something consider if it might be useful to you in another way. If you're about to buy a single use item, or one that will need frequent replacing, consider if it would benefit you to pay just a little more to have it for far longer. Continue reading to learn more.

Use tupperware - it can be reutilized


  • Use sturdy, washable utensils and tableware at home, picnics, and parties
  • Use washable cloth napkins, sponges, and dish cloths. Sanitize them in the dishwasher with the dishes!
  • Purchase refillable items
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Opt for Tupperware instead of plastics bags - they last longer
  • Reuse containers (like baby food or mason jars) to store small, loose items
  • Research large purchases and purchase the most energy efficient, durable, and repairable item
  • Take reusable bags to the grocery store and on shopping trips
  • Reuse singled-side printer and other papers for scratch/note paper, then recycle them
  • Save appliance boxes for a quick, secure repack when moving
  • Borrow, rent, or share items you may only need temporarily (like power tools, audiovisual equipment, etc.)
  • Donate, sell, or gift items you are done with so others may reuse them (books, clothes, and old toys)

*, Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division