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We invite you to play! See how much you know about recycling with a Jeopardy™ style battle of wits or test your shopping skills by trying to shop as eco-friendly as you can.

Recycling Jeopardy Quiz Show
Eco Shopping Game
Recycling Jeopardy Quiz Show

Recycling Quiz Show

The Recycling Quiz Show Game is an interactive teaching tool for educators to use to teach students about various topics involving recycling. The Jeopardy style game was developed at the North Central Texas Council of Governments under the guidance of the Resource Conservation Council. It comes pre-loaded with three levels of recycling questions targeted towards K-12 grade levels and includes a custom game creator.

Even though the Recycling Quiz Show Game was originally developed as a teaching aid, this game is a fun learning experience and entertainment for everyone!

How to Play

The game is played much like the popular television show Jeopardy. The game supports up to four players, or four groups of players. You can play by having each player or team answering every question, or the first to raise their hand answers the question. If a question is answered correctly, points are awarded. If the question is answered incorrectly, points are taken away. Each player or team chooses a category in turn regardless of the outcome of the previous answer.


1. Choose a category

You choose a category and point value from the game board and click that box.
The game keeps track of which questions have already been selected.


2. Attempt to answer your question

You are given the corresponding question and when you have the answer, click the Answer button. *Note: some of the questions are worth double points. These questions will be preceded by a short animation declaring double point value.


3. Find out if you were right!

The answer is displayed along with an image to support the answer (not all questions have images). Once you have explained the answer to the class, click the Scores button to register the scores.


4. Check out your score!

You can add or subtract from a specific player's score by clicking the up or down arrows under each player. The host reminds you what the point value of the question was. One click will add or subtract that amount from the player's score.

Once you have finished adjusting the scores, click the Game Board button to select another question. If there are no more questions left, the player with the highest score is congratulated when you click the Game Board button.

*Be sure to click the 'Full Screen' button for the best game experience.



Game Editor

The game editor allows you to create your own categories and questions in the Recycling Quiz Show Game. You can then save that question file to your computer and load it into the game when you want to play it. Start from one of the pre-built templates and modify the template with your own questions and answers. You can also set any number of double point questions anywhere in the template.

Create Custom Game


Download the Game

If you would like to play the Recycling Quiz Show offline or will not have an Internet connection when and where you play the game, you can download the application and play directly from your computer. Please note, you do not need to download the application in order to play custom games, you can select a custom game file you created and saved to your computer using the online version. Downloading the application is only suggested if you will not be able to connect to the Internet to play.

Once you download the .zip file you will need to extract the contents using "Compressed (zipped) folders" on Windows or a third party zip utility such as WinZip. The game will not work directly from the compressed .zip file.

Once the files are extracted, to start the game open the instructions.html file and click the start button.

When you play the game from your computer you will most likely be prompted to "Allow Active Content" or "Allow Blocked Content" in Internet Explorer, Click Yes or Allow.

Save the files to your computer (downloads a .zip file)

This custom online Jeopardy game is offered free of charge. Use the contact page to tell us what you think or to tell us stories of how you used the game.


Eco-Shopping Game

The Eco-Shopping game is a game local to the North Central Texas region and was originally created by TXU Electric and Gas in 1997. The purpose of the game is to help educate the consumer on three aspects of product packaging.

1. Recyclability of the package,
2. Reducing the amount of packaging waste going into the landfill by buying products with less packaging, and
3. Giving preference to a package made with recycled content materials.

Even though it is important to evaluate how environmentally friendly the product is, the game only focuses on how environmentally friendly the packaging is rather than the actual product. The game was originally developed using hand-held computer scanners that allowed the player to select 5 grocery store items that would give them the highest score based on the 3 guidelines above.

The game helps you recognize that grocery stores usually provide many different options for each product and you have the ability to select the items that have the least impact to the environment as possible. The Eco-Shopping Game helps you learn how to read labels and look for those products with recycled content packaging or packaging that can be recycled, allowing you to make an educated decision on which product you should buy.

Score Sheet

Before playing the game, it might be helpful to print the score sheet to see how each item is scored by category.

Activity / Coloring Book for Kids

The activity book consists of fun games, activities and puzzles to teach kids how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Teacher Activity Book

The Teacher Activity Guidebook was developed as a resource for teachers to educate their students on important environmental issues. The guidebook provides TEKS compatible curriculum and has several activities dealing with reducing solid waste, reusing and recycling, smart shopping and composting.


*This will open a new window so you may need to adjust your settings to allow it. Turn on your PC speakers as well. The use of sound will enhance the ability to use and enjoy the game.